Baby Shower Gifts
Ideas For Every Budget!

Perfect baby shower gifts is here to help!

baby shower gift teddy bear

Have you been invited to a baby shower but have no clue what to give?

Never fear...we’re here to help you through the process of choosing or even making your ideal gift.

Don’t worry – we have some great ideas for gift baskets and baby personalized gifts as well as homemade baby shower gifts, and more…

Here you’ll find ideas for gifts for dad, gift baskets for boys or girls. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift for the pickiest mom on the planet!

baby shower gift diaper cake

Need something for “green” parents…go organic! How about a sweet keepsake for your first grandchild?

Here you’ll find all kinds of tips and suggestions for giving the perfect gift, as well as ideas on how to make the most simple, inexpensive gift into something really special.

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Gift Basket Ideas For Memorable Gifts
These gift basket ideas will help you build the perfect baby shower gift. Wow everyone with your neat ideas.
Baby Personalized Gifts – Make Them Or Buy Them? You Choose…
Baby personalized gifts are so easy to make – find out how to add monograms and other personal touches to blankets, bibs, onesies and more.
Baby Keepsake Gifts - Heirlooms As Gifts
Baby keepsake gifts are a wonderful way to help commemorate the birth of a new baby. There's a huge range of items that can suit your needs perfectly.
Best Baby Shower Gifts - What Do You Think?
The best baby shower gifts are often those that will be used, cherished, remembered long after babyhood is over and can even last through more than one baby.
Organic Baby Gifts For Green Gift Giving
Organic baby gifts are perfect for those parents who want to have less impact on the planet. Find out how you can go green with baby gifts.
An Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift - Imagine That!
An inexpensive baby shower gift just takes a little more imagination, ingenuity and maybe a little more time. Still, if money is what you lack, thne check out these ideas...
Homemade Baby Shower Gifts - Made With Love
Homemade baby shower gifts don't have to cost the earth or be incredibly fancy. Check out these neat ideas for cool baby gifts you can make at home.
Baby Blanket Patterns For Crafters Or Non-crafters
Here are baby blanket patterns for knitting, crochet, sewing and even those that don't need any craft experience. Check out these neat blanket ideas and patterns.
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