Baby Blanket Patterns Galore

Here you'll find baby blanket patterns for knitters, crocheters, stitchers and even those of you who don't have a crafty bone in your body.

Yes - there are ways to make baby blankets without being able to sew, knit or crochet. Baby blanket patterns - crochet blanket

For those of you who enjoy the needle arts you'll find original baby knitting and crochet patterns for all levels.

From the simplest patterns for beginners to complex heirloom blankets to be passed down through the family - you'll find them all here.

We're going to start with some simpler designs and more on to the more complex ones later...

You'll be seeing patterns made with fleece, yarn, fabric and maybe even some made by felting.

We'll cover some basic techniques if needed or direct you to places where you can find top notch instructions if you need to know more.

Baby blanket patterns - knit blanket

From patterns for small blankets to keep baby warm in the car seat to those to cover baby whilst sleeping in a bassinette, crib or cot to toddler sizes and maybe even some twin size afghans, nap mats or play mats!

All will be fun to make and I might even throw in some ideas for customizing the blankets to make them your own.

They'll be simply perfect to give as baby shower gifts. After all, who wouldn't want a unique baby blanket for their precious newborn?


Shadows Baby Car Seat Blanket


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