Baby Bonnet
A First Hat

Baby bonnet

According to a baby bonnet is "a hat of cloth held in place by ribbons tied under the chin".

To the Scots a bonnet is a cap worn by boys or men, but nowadays not many babies wear true bonnets except maybe on special occasions or for photo shoots.

All babies do wear hats (or they certainly should) especially for the first few weeks of their life but also when out in cold weather or in the sun.

Preemies need hats too, as they say most of they body's heat is lost through the top of the head.

You certainly can make hats - they're often one of the first things that people learn to make when they start crocheting or knitting.

Crochet hats can be as simple as a granny square with stitches picked up around the edge and worked in the round. Crochet Pattern Central is a great source for links to free crochet baby hat patterns and tons of other thins too.

Knitting Pattern Central has links to free hat patterns too, and more...

In the coming months you'll find some hat patterns appearing here too...maybe even a bonnet or two!

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