Baby Burp Cloths
Cut, Stitch, Knit Or Crochet!

Baby burp cloth required!

Baby burp cloths are such a quick and easy gift to make. The idea is that it's a small cloth that can be tossed over the shoulder of the lucky person who gets to burp baby!

Why burp cloths? Well, because babies bodies are so new and some parts don't yet work perfectly, when babies burp they often do liquid burps. And out pops a squirt of their last meal usually onto the shoulder of their holder!

Not everyone like to have cold wet patches of baby burp on them, hence burp cloths.

Essentially they are just a strip of fabric about 8" wide x about 16" long which protect the shoulder or lap of the one who is burping baby (depending which method of burping is used).

So - can you see where I'm going here? You can really make a burp cloth in any number of ways...

For knitters and crocheters...
Knit or crochet a strip of fabric 8" x 16" (no eyelet or lacy patterns please). You can really use any solid stitch pattern, as the object is to catch any spit up not make a pattern of it through a fancy lace onto the clothing below. Do choose a plain, non-fuzzy machine washable yarn though.

For Stitchers...
I'm sure you wouldn't really want to put work into a hand-stitched burp cloth, unless you want it as an heirloom, but a machine embroidered cloth would make a wonderful gift. Just choose a plain machine washable cotton blend and stitch a motif on one or both ends.

For Quilters...
I just know you can come up with some neat little quilt pieces with a plain backing!

For non-crafters...
Simply cut strips of fleece approximately 8" x 16". They won't fray, are soft for baby and liquids usually don't soak through easily. They will wash like a dream, won't curl and will cling to the wearer! Perfect!

For thrifty recyclers...
Cut up old felted wool sweaters (won't need edging), shirts, jeans, blankets, pyjamas, towels, etc. Just turn under the edges and machine stitch them down so they won't fray. Voila - a great recyling idea!

I know you can see that baby burp cloths are a perfect baby shower gift. How will you make yours?

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