Baby Keepsake Gifts
More Than Just Silver

Baby keepsake gifts are a wonderful way to help commemorate the birth of a new baby. A well chosen piece can also be the perfect baby shower gift.

The dictionary definition of keepsake is...

"a gift which holds memories of a person or event".

It is a token, reminder, symbol, souvenir or memento of a special occasion, in this case, the birth of a new baby.

An ideal keepsake can be a permanent reminder of baby's birth date, something that gives the meaning of their chosen name or a even a special box to keep all these important little pieces which are gathered as baby grows. Baby keepsake gifts - silver box

Sterling silver baby gifts are often a popular keepsake. My Mom used to tell me that "crossing a new baby's palm with silver" would bring good luck. The precious metal and beautiful workmanship of silver pieces make a very special gift which is not only treasured but can be passed on as an heirloom.

Silver is a precious gift, but there are many other pieces that can be perfect keepsakes, such as homemade gifts, personalized pieces or even baby christening gifts.

Some pieces I see as ideal keepsake gifts are...

  • Handmade blankets, afghans or quilts
  • Handmade Christening gowns
  • Baby keepsake gifts - hand and footprints

  • Hand print or footprint kits
  • Memory boxes - buy a plain one and decorate it yourself
  • Special picture frames - paint one yourself or choose one specially
  • Collectible pieces of china or ornaments
  • Birth Certificate holders
  • Special photo albums - again you could decorate an album yourself to really personalize it
  • Baby Journal - something that everyone can look back on and reminisce

All of these pieces, and many more, would be baby keepsake gifts to be treasured for a very long time.

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