Baby Personalized Gifts ?
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baby personalized gifts rubber stamping

You think baby personalized gifts are beyond the reach of your budget? Nope – you can add personal touches to any number of baby things if you only know how.

How, you ask? Can you paint? Do you have rubber stamps? Can you do calligraphy? There are a great many ways of personalizing gifts.

Why not paint or rubber stamp a picture frame, light switch plate or lamp shade or use your calligraphy skills to make a wall plaque for baby’s room. There’s always something you can do.

Tailor the style of your piece to suit the parents, make it cutesie, make it punchy, give it your own twist – it’s easy when you know how…it could even be a step towards your own new business.

Alternatively if you have your own embroidery machine you can easily make an embroidered blanket. You can add the child’s name, the alphabet, a loved animal picture or go with the chosen nursery theme (if you know what it is).

If you don’t have a machine, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of hand stitching to add that personal touch! With a few basic embroidery stitches under your belt you’ll be off and running personalizing all kinds of clothing, blankets, bibs, diaper bags and more. baby persoanlized gifts - embroidery And if you have a computer, a printer, and the right kind of paper you can whip up a quick image, logo, name or otherwise to print onto virtually any fabric background.

Can you knit or crochet? Work up an afghan, sweater, hat, mittens or jacket adding your very own personal touch.

Do you work with wood? Make a seat or table for baby’s room and paint it just right!

You can decorate baby things with style – just use these ideas and a bit of imagination! Add your own personal touch to make your baby personalized gifts simply perfect.

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