Baby Shower Gift Baskets
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So, you've decided you need a gift basket, now what?

You can get baby shower gift baskets from tons of places, but what if you can't afford what these places have to offer? Then you have to 'build your own'!

Here's what you need to do:

Decide on your budget

Only you know how much you can afford to spend, so make this decision first and mold your gift to fit your budget.


  • a roll of cellophane
  • at least 5 yards of curly ribbon in at least 2 colors
  • clear sticky tape
  • You may also need some super sticky foam pads

These are baby shower gift basket basics that you'll be able to use again (if you have enough) so you'll know how much you have left to spend on the contents of your gift.

Buy gifts to go in your basket

Try to keep in mind a theme (bath time, feeding, diapering, playtime, newborn, Mom, Dad, etc.), then what you give will look well organized. You can even add How about a personalized gifts.

Find something to put your gifts in

Now, contrary to popular belief, you don't necessarily have to use a "basket". You can use something that you bought as a base or container, eg. a potty seat, a bathtub, a dish or plate, etc.

You can even cut off the bottom half of a cereal box, slope the sides down so the front is lower than the back and cover it with baby wrapping paper. That's much cheaper than buying a basket.

Build your basket

It might take a little practice to get your baby shower gift basket to look just right, but you can do it. Arrange the items on or in your base.

If you don't like the way it looks, rearrange things. If it's falling down, use sticky pads to keep the items standing straight.

Wrap your gift

  • Cut a piece of curly ribbon about 1 yard long and keep nearby.
  • Unroll cellophane so you have about 4 times the height of the gift unrolled.
  • Place gift in the center facing one long end and lift the cello and hold both ends together.
  • Using one hand gather up cello so your hand ends immediately above the tallest part of your gift.
  • Using other hand gather up the rest until you have the whole width of cello gathered in the center.
  • Grab the curly ribbon you have pre-cut and tie it tightly around cello with a double knot.
  • Keep your sticky tape nearby. At one side of your gift lift center of the cello up towards the present then pinch the 2 flaps of cello together.
  • Carefully fold them once or twice towards the back and tape these flaps in place. Repeat for the other side
  • Fan out the top of the cello and cut to shape if you like. Tie a large fancy bow over curly ribbon tie.
  • Add gift card, et voila, you're done!

With a little forethought and imagination you can produce really unique baby gift baskets.

How about a personalized gift?

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