Best Baby Shower Gifts
Gifts To Remember

The best baby shower gifts are often those that will be used, cherished, remembered long after babyhood is over. They can even last through more than one baby if well cared for.

One of the best gifts I received was a breastfeeding pillow. I knew I wanted to nurse so that was high on my list of needs. The one I got was a Boppy that hugs your waist and allows baby to lay comfortably to feed. We were done having babies and sold off the cushion, then 6 months later I was pregnant again, and had to buy another! Maybe I should just hang onto this one!

Another indispensable item is a diaper bag! Oh yes - that gets carried around like a handbag for about 2 years, so you may as well get a really nice one that you won't get bored with and that baby won't grow out of quickly.

One gift that still gets used is a baby food processor. It's just the right size to zap small amounts of food into baby perfect puree for feeding time. It's great for testing foods so there's less waste if baby's not so keen on the flavor.

Something I received with that food processor is a baby/toddler plate. It's still going strong with my younger son - he still won't move up to a regular plate yet. It has a rubber outer section (which can't get pushed across a feeding table or flipped over) shaped like a shamrock and an inside section which pops out so it can easily be washed. Excellent design!

An excellent book about baby food is "Super Baby Food" - it's my baby food bible, so to speak. It includes sound advice about feeding baby, when, how much, how to prepare and store food, etc. Another big hit in my book!

I didn't get any, but I'm sure that baby would love the Mommy Jewelry you can find these days. A fabulous idea for breastfeeding moms to keep baby interested during feeding times.

I'm sure you remember your best baby shower gifts, don't you?

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