Breastfeeding Pillow
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Breastfeeding pillow

A breastfeeding pillow can be an invaluable gift to a nursing Mom whether she's a nursing veteran or even a newbie. There's something special about the bond between Mom and baby formed during breastfeeding and the comfort of both Mom and baby is paramount.

These fabulous pillows help to raise baby up and hold them in just the right position for a good latch and therefore a happy, successful feed. This helps take the strain off Moms' arms, back and neck. A comfortable Mom is much more likely to be successful at breastfeeding.

Some special pillows are a basic semi-circle design, others go right around the body and have been designed with quick and silent release straps which are very useful, so as not to wake up baby once feeding is over.

Yet others have wedge shaped pillows that flip from one side to the other to support baby comfortably at either breast.

Believe me, I know the value of one of these wonderful inventions! I had just sold or donate all of the baby stuff we had when I found I was pregnant again. One of the first things I bought over again was one of these pillows. I hate to be without it when nursing!

Here are a few different styles of pillow...

  • My Brest Friend - is a wrap around pillow that goes all the way around Moms' waist. It has a quick release strap which is also adjustable for a comfortable fit. It has a plush cover, arm rests and a pocket. This also comes in a travel size version.
  • Boppy - is a basic crescent shaped pillow which you pop onto your waist as you sit. It comes either with a removable washable slip cover, or 'naked' then you can choose which of a multitude of slip covers you'd like. This one can help also support baby as they learn to sit. Boppy also has a new wedge shaped pillow which can give newborns extra support for correct positioning.
  • Bosom Baby - is a curved 'V' shape similar to the Boppy style but more open at the ends so it could also be used by Mom during pregnancy as a body pillow for extra night time support.
  • EZ-2-Nurse Twins - is a firm square edged 'U' shaped pillow with an angled top surface, which has a removable center pad. It has a removable cover, a side buckle and an adjustable strap. This shape makes it easier to nurse twins at the same time
  • The Cuddoozle Infant Feeding Pillow - is another firm square edged 'U' shaped pillow but this time it is made from memory foam. It is made of "eco-friendly bio based soy foam" and is naturally hypoallergenic. I love memory foam! It has an extra multi-purpose pillow which comes with it which can be use as extra support for baby, or for Mom.

This is just a small sampling of the pillows available. Some other pillows are made by Leachco, Kushies, CozyMe and Balboa. You can even find organic breastfeeding pillows!

The prices vary greatly from around $20 to $85, so there's likely to be one that would fit your budget.

The top and bottom of it is...I LOVE my breastfeeding pillow and would NOT be without one for babys' whole first year! They're an excellent baby shower gift and I'm sure would be very well received!

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