Fleece Baby Blanket
30 Minute Gift

Fleece baby blanket

This is a super easy fleece baby blanket, a really quick gift to make - even kids can make it if they can tie knots.

All you need for approximately 30" square blanket is...

  • 1 yard of fleece fabric about 60" wide
  • Sharp scissors
  • About 30 minutes (depending how fast you can tie knots)

This is what you need to do...

  • Fold the fabric in half (wrong sides together) so that you get a rough square shape.
  • Cut along the fold so that you have 2 squares of fabric back to back.
  • Fleece baby blanket - step-by-step

  • Cutting through both layers, cut a square out of each corner (about 2.5" square)
  • Cutting through both layers, make cuts about 3/4" apart and 2.5" long all the way around the rest of the blanket (you don't need to be exact - just eyeball it).
  • Take one strip from each layer (the ones laying on top of each other) and tie them together with 2 overhand knots. Be sure to tie all the knots the same way then it looks neater.
  • Tie knots all the way around the blanket - don't pull too tight or the blanket will pucker.
  • Give the blanket as a hand made baby shower gift!

See - I told you it was easy! You can do this for any size - just be sure to buy enough fleece for twice the size of blanket you need.

You can even make the 2 sides different colors, different patterns or whatever you like. The choice is yours! Have fun, experiment!

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