Homemade Baby Shower Gifts
Handmade With Love

Homemade baby shower gifts don't have to cost the earth or be incredibly fancy. Even the simplest of ideas can be really useful and most appreciated.

homemade baby shower gifts - hat and mittens

For example if you're a knitter, grab those needles and whip out a few pairs of baby mittens and bootees or a hat or burp cloth or two. There are a great many free baby knitting patterns out there, you just have to know where to look.

If you're a crochet fiend, you may be inclined to get that hook flying on a neat baby blanket either for the crib or if you don't have time how about a smaller one for use in the car?

If you're a whiz with a sewing machine, a couple of handmade outfits wouldn't take you long at all and the amount of fabric needed for a little suit isn't that much.

And if you're a quilter, well...off you go and piece a small quilt that can be used as a play mat or nap mat. A nice selection of bright colors will keep a baby interested in the surroundings.

If you're not into the yarn or fabric crafts, then are you a woodworker, stamper or artist? Then you can still make homemade baby shower gifts!

homemade baby shower gifts - blocks

Woodworkers can make beautiful baby toys with scroll saws and some time, but if you're not so gifted how about a set of building blocks? Don't forget to make the edges super smooth and rounded so baby won't get splinters or poked. And if you're adding paint, be sure it's not lead-based and that it won't flake off if chewed.

Stampers can pull together a beautiful baby book so that parents can keep a record of baby's growth, first pictures, footprints, etc. It's certainly something I'd have loved, as I still haven't had time to put together baby books for my first 2 boys and now we have another!

Artists - who not paint or sketch a beautiful picture of the new baby once you have a photo to work from. If you're not into portraits, how about something decorative for new baby's bedroom? Decorate a lamp, spruce up a light switch plate or make a colorful art piece, abstract or otherwise would hold a baby's attention.

If you're really not arty or crafty but you do know how to tie a knot, you can still make the simplest of fleece blankets with no sewing required! See - you can make homemade baby shower gifts.

There really are loads of things you can make, just think about what you can make (there's always something), then go and make it!

Safety Tips

Just a few notes to make sure that the homemade baby shower gifts you make will keep everyone safe as well as happy...

  • Knitters and crocheters - be sure to use yarn suitable for babies -
    • No chenille, as it can come apart easily and be a choking hazard
    • No mohair or other long haired yarns such as fur yarns - they can come loose and again become a choking hazard
    • Be very careful with hand dyed yarns - if the dye is not set properly it can bleed and baby likes to put things in his mouth
    • Try to use machine washable yarns, as it's much easier to toss something in the washer than hand wash
    • If you add buttons to any garment, be sure they are stitched on tight, again so as not to cause a choking hazard
    • Make sure that any loops/belts/animal tails are not long enough to wrap around baby's neck - strangulation hazard
  • homemade baby shower gifts - quilt

  • Stitchers - if you're sewing for babies, keep these points in mind
    • Sew on buttons securely
    • Finish off ends securely - baby is smart - if the ends are long enough, not only can they be choking hazard, but also a strangulation hazard
    • Be sure to make any loops short enough that they won't fit over a baby's head - strangulation hazard
    • If you add rattles, beans or stuffing inside toys, etc. be sure they're securely finished so the inside doesn't pull out
  • Woodworkers - think about these points...
    • make edges ultra smooth so baby won't get hurt
    • Paint with safe paints - no lead-based paints please
    • If the toy must be coated, try to find a baby safe coating, as baby WILL put toys in his mouth
    • Make sure that all edges are rounded not sharp

All things made for babies and children now need to be specially approved, but only if they are to be sold. If you make something and give it as a gift, those rules don't apply, but better to be safe than sorry with homemade baby shower gifts.

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