An Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift
Find Out How...

An inexpensive baby shower gift doesn't have to look like it comes from the dollar store, even if it does. With just a little thought and the right presentation your cheaper gift can be just as well received as the more expensive ones.

Often the cheaper things are the ones that are needed and used the most, for example:

  • Onesies - the baby underwear you can find in plain white, multi-colored or patterned. Why not buy a pack of plain white ones and decorate them with embroidery, cross stitch, or even a computer printed design.
  • Travel sized baby bath products are a great cheap gift. You can pop them in a pretty cloth gift bag, then they're a 'grab and go' gift when Mom's in a rush.
  • Wipes always come in handy as a diaper bag or even handbag addition. They come in travel size packs which are great for 'on the go' folks, and those antibacterial wipe tubs are really handy to keep in the car, even for older kids!
  • Q-Tips invaluable for clearing baby's nose and my guys seemed to prefer them to the ball aspirators which can be quite distressing.
  • Baby washcloths - baby needs a bath too, and regular washcloths can be too rough for their tender skin. Baby washcloths are much finer and softer.
  • Baby plastic food tubs are great! They're ideal for small portions of baby food or as snack tubs. I even use them now for storing small amounts of leftovers and for giving my older boys snack size amounts.
  • Feeding Spoons - baby is going to grow up and need to start eating solids. Small baby plastic spoons are great for using once baby begins to feed by themselves. Until then the spoons with the heat sensitive coating are great for parents to use, as the coating changes color if the food is too hot - very useful!
  • Sippy cups - always useful in case of dropped drinks and tons of styles and prices to choose from.

You can actually find free baby products and put them together in a gift basket if you're willing to put in the time searching for them online.

If you really can't afford to give a physical gift, even an inexpensive baby shower gift, but want to give something, then how about offering some of your time? New parents really don't get much spare time at all, and it's really nice to not have to make dinner or wash dishes for once.

You could offer to babysit for a couple of hours, cook a meal, clean a room or two, go shopping or do any number of things as a gift. I know I sure would have appreciated some time to simply take a nap and catch up on some well needed rest.

So, just because you don't have much in the way of funds, doesn't mean you can't give a worthwhile and wholly appreciated inexpensive baby shower gift. Think out of the box a little - I know you can do it!

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