Newborn Baby Gift Baskets
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Are you looking for newborn baby gift baskets? Or do you just need some ideas for things to go into a basket for a newborn baby?

Newborns grow so quickly, they usually double their birth weight within about 4 months. Because of that fact, you should realize that any newborn clothes you give will not get much wear.

If you want to give something that will be used right away, then here are some ideas that would be perfect in newborn baby gift baskets...

  • Swaddling blankets or receiving blankets - a newborn loves to be swaddled or wrapped tightly in a blanket, as baby's been so used to being in the womb.
  • Baby burp cloths - immediately after feeding babies need to be burped as they sometimes have problems working up burps by themselves. Parents clothes need to be protected from wet burps or spit up.
  • Newborn clothes - are soooooo cute! Who can resist giving a teeny outfit even though they may only be worn a couple of times.
  • Sleep roll - some like these, some don't...they are 2 rolls attached by a strip of fabric and velcro that can be moved closer or farther apart to prevent baby from rolling onto his tummy.
  • Baby books - it's nice to read a bedtime story; though babies don't yet understand the story, they do love to hear the soothing voices of their parents. Also baby books are available to record "firsts" - first teeth, first laugh, first steps, etc.
  • Hats - newborns need to wear hats until their bodies are more accustomed to changes in temperature.
  • Scratch mittens - babies have incredibly sharp fingernails and they grow really fast. They tend to accidentally scratch themselves and wake themselves up (not fun).
  • Keepsakes are always a nice idea and a great addition to a gift basket.
  • Personalized items also are a lovely touch.
  • Picture frames always come in handy as babies grow so fast it's nice to keep a record.

So, now do you have some ideas for what to include in your gift basket? I do hope so...

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