Organic Baby Clothing
It's Not All Colored Green!

Organic baby clothing

Now you can find organic baby clothing all over the place! It's becoming much more popular to 'go green' with all kinds of things these days.

Many Moms have gone back to cloth diapering to reduce waste but cloth diapers have come a LONG way since the days of folding a terry toweling square into a triangle, folding it onto baby and pinning it closed.

Now you can find fitted organic cotton diapers which close with velcro and they don't slide down and look saggy either.

You can also find or make diaper covers. These covers are often made from wool or wool fabric. The wool acts an antibacterial, no-leak barrier which helps keep baby dry and also stays warm even when it gets wet. you can even add lanolin to these wool covers to help with water resistance.

Baby clothing is constantly being washed so cotton is an ideal choice. Organic cotton is usually machine washable and has been grown in a certified organic manner - no pesticides, etc., and is also harvested and processed in accordance with certified organic procedures.

Though cotton is often the main choice there are other organic fibers. These include silk, hemp, linen, wool, alpaca, camel, llama, mohair, etc. (though the more expensive animal fibers are not so suitable for baby clothing).

Fabric and yarn manufacturers have perfected the art of dyeing and printing their products with earth friendly dyes, so there's not just 'natural' colors available now.

Also, cotton growers now have a line of organically grown colored cotton. Yes - the plants grow naturally colored cotton (beige, green, brown) not just white. I was stunned too! Instead of fading, these colors actually get deeper the more often they are washed. Amazing? I thought so too!

So - if you thought you might have problems finding or making organic clothing as your perfect baby shower gift, then think again. You just need to know where to look! Copy and paste the URLs below to find some neat organic products!

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